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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Newest Mixed Art Creation....

This one was done on a piece of wood.  My travel "dream" collage.
P.S.  I am deathly afraid of flying.  I used to travel a lot for work...and had some pretty close calls.  (I mean more than one~!)

So my collage will work for now....lol

Click on image to see it bigger.



Chi Cr said...

That is really cool Paulette! I don't fly either! I did fly to Oklahoma once; too much turbulence! :)

Daffodil Cards said...

FABULOUS creation, I don't like flying either, it's a means to an end for me.

Suze said...

Wow - there are a few non-fliers around. I will fly within NZ but that is long enough on a plane for me (under an hour)! Love the collage and love the look of the places that you have added on your collage.

Jacq said...

What a fantastic collage Paulette, love how this has come together!
It's a shame about you not flying, Europe has some gorgeous cities, not least those you've captured on your collage. Maybe one day we'll all be "beaming up" here and there. lol

Diana Barnes said...

I love to travel and this marvelous. Have you added a room for all these new pieces of art? LOL..

Paulette Creates said...

Diana....not a bad idea....at the moment they are adorning my craft room...and they are circulated out throughout the house.