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Friday, June 3, 2016

Happy June 3rd~!

Donut Day.........Yay~!  Love Krispy Kremes.  The Kreme filled ones.
Egg Day........Scrambled please.  Or a veggie omelette.
Itch Day......not at the moment, lol
Love Conquers all Day..........Not sure that I believe that.  I would have to go with perseverance conquers all.

Happy start of the weekend~!  



Suze said...

We don't have Krispy Kremes - I think you have mentioned them before. But love the donuts we have here.
Fried eggs or an omelet for me!
Itch - don't want one of those - so annoying when you get one!
I'd have to agree with you on the perseverance conquers all!

Hope you have a happy weekend. It's 3.50am on Saturday here - and I woke up and can't get back to sleep so decided to get up for a while.

Four11Lady said...

GOD conquers ALL and God is LOVE!!

Edwina said...

Donut Day- Krispy Kremes are the best. I love the hot glazed ones or the lemon filled ones.

Egg Day- Scrambled or a fried egg sandwich.

Itch Day- yes right now, I have allergies.

Love Conquers all Day- I believe courage and hope does.
Have a good day Paulette. I am off to renew my club with you. Edwina Brown