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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy June 1st~!......

Today is ...

Global Day of Parents ... Yes, I am a parent
Say Something Nice Day ... Thank you to all of you who have supported me over the years.
Barefoot Day ... if I could I would never wear shoes...I love being barefoot.
Dare Day ... I dare you to do something wild today~!
Olive Day ........  love love love black olives
Running Day ..... used to before I broke every bone in  my ankle.
Pen Pal Day ... I think I pen pal with you every day.



Suze said...

I am a parent too - both have left the nest so I don't see as much of them as I used to.
Thank you Paulette for all the lovely sentiments and images you provide. And thank you to RhondaSue for all the lovely things she creates with them and shares.
I love being barefoot too - spend as much time barefoot as I can!
Hmm - struggling to think of a dare (not much into those)
Absolutely hate the taste of olives - but I love them to look at (particularly the trees that they grow on)
I'm allergic to running! Only run if I absolutely have to!
Yes I think we pen pal with you every day (or nearly every day anyway).

Paulette Creates said...

Thank you Suze.....love getting to know a little bit about each of you too.

Megan J said...

Thank you for sharing all the fabulous wordart and vintage images you create with us, have a wonderful week... Megan

Maxine D said...

Here I go
I am a parent of two, grandparent to 3, and being a patchworked family adds 5 other grands and two great grands.....
My something nice is to tell you how much I appreciate all that you do and share Paulette
Barefoot - I am like you and would not wear shoes if at all possible
Dare Day - hmmm - not too keen on those, but often take one up as I am very competitive
Olive Day - love them, and swear by Olive Leaf Extract to clear a cold
Running Day - only in emergencies
Pen Pal Day - everyday as my computer is my social life in a can!

Granmargaret said...

Happy day to you Paulette.
I am a mother and grandmother.
I go barefoot round the house in summer but it is too cold here now. Wearing socks and slippers.

Teresa said...

I am a parent also. And also a grandparent.
Thank you for all you share! And thank Suze for the idea to comment on each of these.
I learned shoes help if you have plantar fasciitis, but prefer barefoot.
I can't think of what I dare to do today!
I love olives.
I like running and went on my run today!
I don't have a penpal per se, but do write letters and send cards quite often.

Edwina said...

Global Day of Parents- No, I am not a parent, but I helped raise other people's children for 20 years. They were with me more than the parents. I loved them as my own.

Say Something Nice Day- You are so welcome. I love your digis, papers, and sentiments. You are a great artist.

Barefoot Day- No, the only place I go barefoot is at the ocean, and that has been a long time.

Dare Day- Well answering all this is about as wild I'll be today.

Olive Day- No, I can't stand the taste of them. I believe you either love or hate them.

Running Day- No, running makes me dizzy. Even as a child.

Pen Pal Day- Well, I keep in touch with people I have never met in the crafting world, plus I have a secret Sister.

Have a good day Paulette.
Edwina Brown

April Rogers said...

Global Day of Parents~ Mother to 3 boys and now 3 girls ;-) 3 Grands that call me Nana. And I will gladly love anyone else too.
Say Something Nice Day~ You bring many happy smiles to a lot of people with you kindness and generosity. Thank you!
Barefoot Day~ YES! Just as long as I'm not pregnant. LOL
Dare Day~ Oh I haven't been dared in a long time...
Olive Day~ Yes, love them in Greek salads and Tamale pie. MMmm
Running Day~ Nope.. bad knees and feet, but I use to.
Pen Pal Day~ I have a few. xoxo
Thanks so much Paulette for all you do for so many of us you don't really know. That is a true kindness.
XO Nana

Paulette Creates said...

Thank you for playing along ladies....so fun.
And thank you for all the nice comments.