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Monday, June 15, 2015

Fabulous GIVEAWAY~!

And the winner is.....  *** Lynne, aka hercraftiness***  Congratulations~!  
Email me.

Giving away one of my latest canvases~!
So far my one of a kind canvases have only been shared with friends and family.  And a couple lucky give away winners.
I have heard back from the winners, that these are much more awesome than you can see in a picture.

So here is the deal....

**You MUST be a MEMBER of the BLOG.  Which means your cute little picture is over there on the left under Digi Buddies.  

**  You MUST leave me a comment under this post with the silliest reason why you should win this one of a kind piece.  Of course it is a random drawing so that is just for amusement purposes....lol

**Also, leave me your sign in name (used for Digi Buddies) in the comment. 

And that's it......if you aren't signed up...what are you waiting for~!  It's free, painless, fat free, and very exciting~!

Give away will last for ONE WEEK, then a random winner will be announced~!

Good LUCK~!

Here is what you are playing for....



  1. Looking gorgeous and would look awesome on my wall, :=D / Granne

  2. What an awesome canvas to put on the back of the little room door so I could see it numerous times a day ;-), or to cover the spot in the lounge where I missed hitting a nail in and made an ooops.....
    Maxine D

  3. Wow such a stunning canvas. It would look wonderful on a display stand on my dressing table where I can admire it whilst dressing my face. And of course it would be such an honour to own a piece of the amazing Paulette xxx
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  4. I think I should win this-it would give me a good excuse to paint my bed room and put it up in a place of honor.♥

  5. Beautiful canvas, Paulette! Thank you for the giveaway. Now for a silly reason.... The sentiment says Beautiful You and I could really use a daily message that I am beautiful! Maybe then I would believe it LOL!

  6. You've copied my picture, Yep! that's me a couple of years ago, love what you have done, it should come home to me PLEASE!

    It's beautiful

  7. Gasp! I didn't know I had posed for you, you have given me the look of the Mona Lisa, how clever you are, Paulette! Seriously, this is absolutely gorgeous and i would give her pride of place on my craft room wall so that I can admire her forever and a day.

    Jennie xx

  8. So this such be mine as I would put her on a wall of her own and place a spot light on her. She would be the best looking woman painting in the house . The cat would be so pist that the painting would have more attention then her. Yeah like she would ever let that happen. LOL
    Just happy I may have a chance to have a piece of your art. Thank you.

  9. Sorry name is djboma sign in.

  10. I should win this simply because you like me best . . . .
    besides that I love this and would love to hang this on my wall to inspire me while I am creating!!!!!!

  11. Great piece - and YES I won one and I should win another - well shouldn't I???? LOL - that is my silly reason - my sign in name is either Gail Scott or utb01@att.net [my book is packed so I am going by resigning in that comes up automatically] thanks for this opportunity to win AGAIN! Have a blessed day

  12. I have no reason to win, I just MUST win * lol *
    Love Anreda

  13. wow it's a stunning canvas! Maybe I can put it in the bathroom so that I see it instead of my face in the morning?!? Not liking it right now lol Thanks for the opportunity to win something from you!!!!

  14. My Buddie ID is scrapkat. I think I should win this because my day is literally so "crappy" that I need a pick-me up surprise. Why is my day crappy?

    We just bought a new house. The seller certified that they had the septic system inspected and pumped out. We closed May 6; the sellers moved out and gave us posession May 7, but we didn't move in until June 10. On June 7, my husband mowed the grass at the new place and discovered the septic tank was overflowing in the lawn. The septic guy (only one in our town) came out. He said he had never been to the house before. He discovered the pump burned up and pulled it out. We ordered a new one, which came in today. We had 2 1/2 inches of rain last night. Now the sump pump inside is burnt up. We have water in the basement. Our stool doesn't flush. Septic guy pumped an entire truckload from the tank. He told us the "matter" was so solid that he had to pump in water to be able to start pumping out the tank. The compacted stuff in the tank prevented anything else from going into the tank which is what burnt out the sump pump. Since we weren't living in the house, we didn't know the pumps were constantly running. EPA regulations require that he take his full load to another city (which is 43 miles away) to dispose of it. The tank is only half empty, but it will be too late for him to come back tonight. So, tomorrow, he will finish pumping the tank. Then he will install the new septic tank pump. The plumber repairing the sump pump can't come until Monday. We are very lucky that we have 2 sump pumps and there is another bathroom on the other pump, so we still have an operational bathroom. However, we can't run any significant amount of water until both the septic system and the sump pump are repaired--no washing dishes or clothes, only very quick showers, etc. Unfortunately, the second sump pump probably is also on borrowed time from the strain it already sustained, so we will probably need to replace it as well. The cost will be close to $2,000 for the replacement septic tank pump, the two sump pumps, the septic tank pump out, the labor to remove & install the tank pump, and the plumber labor to install the new sump pumps. No doubt about it, this has been our crappiest day ever and it's not even our own crap!

  15. Kathy....can you send me your email addy??


    1. Scrapkat517@yahoo.com. We were lucky--didn't have to replace the second sump pump!

  16. Fabulous canvas! I think I should win it cos I just spent the last hour cleaning and need a reward! :D hahaha
    mo x

  17. Huge congrats Lynne. Now you can also say you own a piece of someone famous xxx
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}


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