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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Today is .......

International Literacy Day

I love to read~!

The first person that can correctly guess my favorite Fiction Book Genre, will receive a set of their choice from the store...

Put your answer in the comment section.

(The comments that are posted are the incorrect ones)

AND the WINNER is ...........

EMMA M....

A couple of you guessed ...  Myster/Thriller.....but Emma was the first.......

email me Emma~!  Congratulations


  1. Lets try "Gone With The Wind". I know not even close and not the type you were talking about but hey, it's a guess. Sarah W

  2. I'm going to guess Science Fiction

  3. I'm not sure if we are allowed more than one guess but as no-one else is guessing at the moment I thought I'd have another go! I'm going to guess Fantasy.

  4. I love thrillers so that is my choice for you,

    I love to read to and will read anything and everything love Christine in Italy xx

  5. don't know if I am too late for this or not, but I take you for a mystery/thriller type reader. :)

  6. I thinks u stumped us"...... LOL

  7. Good on you Emma Great win Hugs Nellie

  8. Congrats Emma. I myself am a Science Fiction and Fantasy girl at heart. I read for at least two hours every night before going to sleep. I'd be lost without books.


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