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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Today, May 7th is ......

Herb Day......favorite herb would be Oregano
Brunch for Lunch......Yes Please....I am not really a breakfast person, so I usually eat both breakfast and lunch at around 11:30
Mother Ocean Day......Dream home would be right on the beach
Babysitter's Day.....main source of income when I was a teenager, do they have teen babysitters anymore?
Tourism Day...........am scared to death of flying
Pilates Day....tried it, didn't like it.


Happy Tourism Day~!

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Teresa said...

Thank you.

Marianne said...

Thanks Paulette!
Marianne x

Rene Stansell said...

Thank you.
Rene from OZ xo

Marion Rivas said...

Thank you!

Suze said...

Thanks Paulette.
My thoughts on the day:
Favourite Herb - either Oregano or Basil
Brunch for Lunch - Me too - not really a breakfast person either
Mother Ocean Day - would love a home on the beach!
Babysitter's Day - Did some of that as a teenager myself and had a teenage babysitter for my children when they were younger (that was a few years ago now though!)
Tourism Day - love to go somewhere relaxing (don't really enjoy flying but often it is quicker to get to destination!)
Pilates Day - Should do it more often but too lazy - although I prefer yoga to pilates.

Maxine D said...

Thanks Paulette this is gorgeous

Paulette Creates said...

Suze....me too on the Yoga.

Lynne aka Her Craftiness said...

Thank you as always for sharing great images.
I love the interesting facts about you - I have never ever flown either which amazes people when they hear that!
As to babysitting, that was my main source of income also - they still have teen babysitters but they need to take a class!!!!
Pilates - I also tried it and thought I would die but apparently it didn't happen!
I don't like breakfast unless it's pizza and I eat mine around 11:30 also!!!
Again, thank you and thought I would share how much we have in common!!!
Much love, hugs, and friendship

Anonymous said...

Thank you!