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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Crazy Crazy Me......

Ok, I love Windows XP.......all the graphics programs that I have invested thousands of dollars in love Windows XP.  They don't like any other version of Windows.  But, Microsoft, in all their wisdom, has decided to dump XP.  No more support, no more anti virus updates, no more updates to any breaches in the system.  (If you  haven't hear this, beware~!.....it will not be good to be online anymore with XP after 4-08)
So.......I decided to bite the bullet and buy a Windows 8.1 machine.  (add curse words for Microsoft here)
I have been in the process of trying to transfer all my files, (millions) all my programs, and all my settings over to the new computer.  This will be day 3.  (add curse words for Microsoft here).  I may be almost done.....but I haven't gone live with the new computer either yet.  Nor have I tested any of my programs.  Probably won't want to be around me then........lol
AND........to top that all off, I have had the flu all week, and feel like I was hit by a train and then not allowed to sleep for a month.  
To sum this all up.........the lesson learned is........NEVER EVER try switching your life to a new computer while you have the flu~!.... (add curse words here for the flu and Microsoft~!)

So.....if you don't hear from me all of a sudden.......know that Windows 8.1 won, and I will be back as soon as it lets me....lol


  1. Oh no that is just so frustrating Paulette. But please take care of yourself first before continuing to curse Microsoft lol. All the best with the transition.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. What a nightmare, Paulette! So sorry you have to go through that in addition to having the flu. Take care of yourself first and get better. Hopefully since you've been so diligent about transferring everything, it will work like a charm on the new computer. Hope so! Don't be surprised if you find a few bugs with IE/Windows 8.1 and blogger. Good luck!

  3. Oh Dear Paulette, Not sounding good although l'm sure it will be sorted it's the transferring of all the files which is going to take ages and with not being to well dosen't help either .......Well l hope you get it sorted and then your feeling better pretty soon l for one would like to see you 100% again do take care xx

  4. ohhhh no... so sorry to read this :( and yeah... it's quite a switch windows 8 after xp... Hope you feel better soon that would help as well... Big hugs!!!

  5. so sorry Paulette - I can sympathize with you on the computer .... they can be so frustrating!
    Hope you feel better soon - computer issues are never fun, but having to deal with it on top of the flu has to be awful.
    Take care.

  6. Oh do I feel for you - both because of the dreaded flu and because of the computer issues. I too have XP and am hanging on for dear life with good real-time third party anti-virus and malware software working in the background. I also do not use IE because no matter how hard they tried, it still has security issues. I started looking for a new computer last year and 8.1 was just making an appearance so most everything was still 8.0 and I discovered that not many of my programs nor my printer were going to work with it. This is not because of Microsoft but rather the program manufacturers had not (or were not planning to) creating compatible drivers so hopefully all of yours will work. If things are not going well but the flu is gone, I highly recommend a spa day - it won't fix anything but you will feel better :)

  7. oh dear, you poor thing! hope you get better soon! and as for windows 8.1, my hubby has it and I really dislike it... I'm still pottering around with windows 7, and YES I totally agree, life was so much easier with xp, or 98...
    anyway, hope you'll end up being the winner after all!
    Hugs from Germany!

  8. Why oh why do they keep tinkering with the computer programmes. Half of the time we then have issues with things not working anymore! In our area they are putting in a faster broadband service - all it seems to have done is make everything slower! Hope you are putting yourself first and taking good care of yourself. Speaking from experience it takes far longer to recover if you try to keep going instead of putting your feet up and resting.

  9. Curses to Microsoft Paulette! You've provided me with an update. I have XP! :( I also am getting over something. I thought it was the flu and then maybe allergies. We've had really bad dust storms lately. I feel your pain! Take care and by all means... you are much more important than a computer! :)
    Ema xx

  10. OH NO! So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and about Microsoft XP. I have a laptop and computer with XP (add several curse words here for MS). I truly hope that this computer conversion doesn't prolong your illness and that everything works out the way it is suppose to in the end. Take care of yourself.

  11. I know exactly what you mean Paulette at I am in the same predicament you're in I just don't know what to do I need to find out real quick and I love XP I love all the stuff I have on it so I'm very upset myself and I know I don't have too long before I won't be online either thanks for posting this and good luck with your computer.
    Carol O

  12. I can definitely sympathize with you, as I just got a new computer here 1½ week ago myself, and I still haven´t found out to get everything to work as I want it to, and I´m just a simple normal user, so I can imagine, what it must be like for you then LOL. Poor girl I just say, I really feel with you, but cross my fingers and hope for the best for you.(Using curse words for Microsoft here in sympathy with you he he)

  13. Oh Paulette,I do sympathize with you! I u8pgraged my old PC last year and my computer geek son installed Windows 7 for me instead of XP (which I'd finally mastered)I'm still having to do new things with it.Sympathies with the flu bug too,I have a bad cold at present so I know how you feel!Look after yourself and Get well soon Paulette,hugs

  14. Oh! NO, I don't envy you, my son asked if I wanted an upgrade for Office to Windows 13. told him to leave well alone as it would affect my emails!!!!!

  15. Oh dear poor you Paulette, my heart reaches out to you as I love my Windows 7 but decided to have a laptop which has windows 8 my hubby has that now as I couldn't cope with it!!! I will stick to windows 7 as it is nearer to those I was used to before windows 8 is totally different so good luck, I will keep you in my thoughts and hope you manage to get through to a better understanding of Microsoft brilliant idea to drive us all nuts!!!! Keep taking the pills and I hope the flu goes soon, he should know he isn't welcome!!!
    Love ~ Lady Anne xxx

  16. That flu is everywhere... And those words to Microsoft were ottered here aswell when we made the discision to hop over...
    Wish you so much energy and patient! Inky greetings, Gerrina

  17. I hope your flu is getting better. And getting your files moved to Win 8. Good luck
    I'm still running XP, I LOVE it. I'm thinking of upgrading my desktop and buying Win 7 and a new "C" drive. That keeps my current "C" drive in tact. Now to ask my son if he will do this for me. LOL

  18. Oh, I feel your pain with changing over to windows 8. Big learning curve too and when you have little time as it is, it is not a welcome change. Hope everything goes smooth from here on. Good luck!

  19. Paulette, take time to take care. Hope you are feeling lots better soon. And I agree at (words for Microsoft) If it isn't broken stop fixing it. LOL Stand your ground you will win in the long run.
    (((Hugs))) Nana April

  20. Look after yourself xxx

    I too loved XP and was told to get with the real world a couple of years ago....

    Stay strong x

  21. I feel your pain (pause to blow nose) I upgraded from XP which I understood to Windows7 and hated it... for a little while; now I "get" it and am glad I made the change. There was a far bit of MS bashing going on for a while though :-) I haven't had any trouble with compatibility, and it is more internet driven than XP so may actually work better for you... certainly hope so for your sake. Gotta go, got to lie down - typing this has exhausted me, damn flu! Donna xx

  22. It should be illegal what MS is allowed to do! I did the switch from XP to W7 2 years ago. It was frustrating but manageable. I have NOT heard anything good about W8!
    I hope you feel better soon! Lots of deep breaths, walking away and cursing ALL help! Alcohol doesn't hurt either (insert grin here and curses to MS!) hugs xx

  23. I feel your pain. Be there, done it, wanted to throw it out the window.

  24. Sorry you are sick! Feel better soon! We have the same problem with XP, don't know what we're going to do.

  25. Oh no, Paulette! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  26. Thanks for the warning about XP - DH has it on his computer.... will have to ask our SIL for advice.....
    Praying you recover soon

  27. So sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope you feel better, soon!!!

  28. Oh you do have my sympathies, not only for having the flu but dealing with technical issues too. These computers are fine whilst they are working but a huge headache when they don't. But to be forced in to having to change systems when you don't want to just because Microsoft are changing must be very frustrating and annoying. I do hope everything works out ok soon and that you start to feel your old self again. Fingers crossed.

  29. I am sorry you are having problems and are not well. Hope you are feeling better soon. I had my computer upgraded to Windows 7 last year so it should last a bit longer.

  30. Been there as well Hate Windows 8 I went & put 7 on it Hope you are feeling better soon hugs Nellie

  31. Microsoft is probably the worst platform out there, and we all just accept it...just sad for us. MS also dropped the .mdi file support as of O/S 7.0, which was their document imaging option. All my .mdi files are not able to be opened now, and converting them is a royal pain and $$. Thank goodness for Adobe and their CutePDFWriter which is free and acts like a printer to save files in pdf format on your hard drive. Windows is so buggy, yet so many companies want to go to a Windows platform...I just don't get it...
    More than likely, 8.1 is a 64-bit processor, so older programs probably won't work on it that are 32-bit...you might have to have dual processors on your new PC... good luck to you..

  32. Oh so frustrating, and time consuming, and such a bother. So sorry you feel so bad on top of it, and you keep us supplied with freebies. Thank you.

  33. I'm going thru the exact same thing right now, including all the curse words for microsoft. I ended up having to upgrade my art software also, and I have no idea of what I'm doing anymore. I should have done what my husband is doing ... bought a MAC!!!
    Best of luck, you have all my sympathy!

  34. Paulette hope you feel better soon. I too had to ditch XP and went to Windows 7 (didn't want to deal with Windows 8 tried grandkids and hate it). Still took me so long to learn Windows 7 and still learning. I too hate MS for all its bull. They too had updates that were wrong ugh. Why they like to screw us up is beyond me. Still haven't found another program easy enough to run with for my scrapbooking its so sad. So, good luck with all your transfers and thanks for all the goodies too.

  35. Oh no sorry to hear you are not feeling well! I hope you get better soon!
    I switched to a Mac last year and I'm still getting use to it being different so far I like it.
    I don't think anything stays the same but I hope all of your programs work!
    We need you and love your talent!
    Take Care

  36. I understand all the need for the curse word insertions! We are facing the same dillema!! Take care and I sure hope you are over that flu in a jiffy!

  37. Oh no! I hope you're feeling better today, or at least well enough to tackle this easier. Computers and cars, they're both the same, but who could live without either one?!

    Take care and know that I appreciate your efforts to bring more awesome things for me to create with!

    Peace & Luv,

  38. my hubby says there is a free download for a "virtual machine" that you run inside the Windows 8 --> you run the virtual machine as a Windows XP environment but that all your internet and security still run (con't)

  39. (part 2) -- Windows 8 handles access to the Net and all security but hte virtual machine allows you to still use older software. if i could find my installation disk(s) i would have him set up such a system for me so I could still use Micrografx's Picture Publisher 7 -- an awesome non-Adobe graphics program. :-)

    Hope you feel better and get lots of "joy" in expressing your opinion of Microsoft at the top of your voice!
    Thanks for all the wonderful goodies here on the blog!

  40. Awww. I'm so sorry Paulette! I hope by now you are feeling much better and that all the computer woes have been worked out!! Take care! :)


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